Notice: iSchool Student Services Welcome Letter, Autumn 2016

Welcome to the

2016-17 Academic Year!

The staff in Student Services is excited to start another academic year! We have planned a number of events for Autumn quarter including chats with the Dean, a variety of career workshops and meet-the-firm events, as well as our traditional Spooky Study Break. For our online students: watch for ways to attend these events online or listen to the recordings at a later date.

Here’s a guide to the information you’ll find in this document:

– New iSchool Faculty

– iSchool Welcome and Orientation Evaluations

– iSchool Facilities

  • iLounge and iSchool Computer Lab Etiquette
  • Husky Card Access
  • After-hours Building Permits

– iSchool and UW Student Conduct Policies

– Communication

  • Student Services Blog and Social Media
  • Advising Emails

– Student Representation on iSchool Committees

  • iSchool Student Leadership Council
  • Student Representation on iSchool Program Committees
  • Graduated and Professional Student Senate Representation
  • iSchool Facilities Committee: Student Representation Needed

– Funding to Present at Professional Conferences

– iCareers

  • Scheduling Academic and Career Advising Appointments
  • Viewing iSchool Events
  • Accessing Internship, Job and Capstone Postings
  • iSchool Student Recruitment Standards

– Conversations with the Dean

– Student Services Study Break

New iSchool Faculty

The iSchool hired five new faculty members.  Some have taught for us part-time, some have returned after time teaching elsewhere, and some are brand new to the iSchool.

Susan Hildreth joins the iSchool in an new position as Distinguished Practitioner in Residence.

Bill Howe will be teaching classes in the area of Database and Data Management.

Clarita Lefthand-Begay is the first of our two faculty hires in the area of Native North American Indigenous Knowledge. (Watch the iSchool website for a more detailed introduction soon.

Michelle Martin is our new Cleary Professorship in Children and Youth Services.

Nic Weber will be teaching courses that examine the future of libraries.

iSchool Welcome and Orientation Evaluation

Attention new students:  we want your feedback.  Please take a moment to complete our survey about your program orientation and iSchool Welcome activities.  The survey is available at  Deadline to complete the survey is Sunday, October 7th.

iSchool Facilities

The iSchool offices exist in three different buildings spread across the U-District.

Mary Gates Hall is the home of the Dean’s Offices, Student Services, IT, as well as individual faculty offices.

Bloedel Hall houses a classroom, casual meeting/study spaces for students and the offices, work space for several of our research centers, research faculty and staff.

Roosevelt Commons holds most of the iSchool administrative offices and staff including Finance, Advancement and Communications.

iSchool Shared Space Etiquette

The iSchool has several spaces available for iSchool students’ use.  The iLounge and numerous computer labs are available for iSchool students to use to support your academic activities.  These spaces are accessed with your Husky Card.  The expectations of the iSchool are that these environments be welcoming, comfortable and inclusive for ALL iSchool students. 

MGH Computer Labs

  • 066 – Collaboration Lab (CoLab): meeting area for students working on group projects. The room is equipped with whiteboards, TV/displays, different meeting area set ups, couches, conference tables, and power outlets for laptops. iSchool student access via Husky Card 7 days a week, until late each nightNOTE: The Co-Lab is temporarily being used as office space and will be available for student use later in the autumn quarter.
  • 076 and 082 – PC Computer Classrooms:  Machines running Windows 10 and a large selection of other software.  Frequently reserved for classes during the day.  iSchool students have swipe card access in the evenings and on weekends.
  • 334 and 342 – Introductory Programming Lab (IPL) shared with CSE: Open spaces for laptops in 342.  After hours access via swipe card access through 342.
  • 430 – iMac Computer Classroom: iMacs running Mac OS X and Windows available under Parallels.   Frequently reserved for classes.  Check the electronic calendar device on the wall to see if the room is available.
  • 440 TE Lab (Technology Exploration Lab), Quiet Lab, and VR Lab:  Main area has iMacs with Windows available and open spaces for laptops.  Generally a loud/working collaborative space.  Quiet Lab is adjacent, no noise allowed.   A small Virtual Reality Lab is in the back of 440 with VR headsets (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift) and VR development software installed.

Computer Lab Norms may be found at

iLounge Norms: This space is open to use by all iSchool students, staff and faculty.  The kitchen space is shared and each individual user is responsible to clean-up after himself or herself.  This includes dishes, microwave, table tops, countertops and the fridge.  The day to day cleanliness of the space is the responsibility of those who use it. The iLounge is more thoroughly cleaned monthly by members of the iSchool student organizations.  The small meeting room may be used for group meetings.  No reservations available.  Use of the small room should be kept to 30 minute per visit.

Please note that group events are not allowed in any of these spaces without prior approval of the iSchool administration. All iSchool spaces are subject to the UW Student Conduct Code:

Problems Accessing an iSchool Space

If your Husky card is not working in a computer lab or iLounge, contact the iSchool Facilities Administrative Coordinator Frankie Fowler at

After Hours Building Permits

To avoid being escorted out of the iSchool labs when MGH is closed, you need to have an official permit issued by the iSchool. These permits will allow you to stay in MGH from building close to 3 a.m.  No students should be in MGH between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m.

The iSchool will be issuing building permits to those students who request them.  To request a building permit, please complete the survey at  Deadline to submit building permit requests is Monday, October 12, 5 pm.  Permits will not be available until the end of October.

Regular Mary Gates Hall hours are:
Sun thru Thu: 7 am to 12 am (midnight)
Fri and Sat: 7 am to 9 pm
MGH is closed on holidays and has shorter hours during quarterly breaks.

If you think you will be in MGH outside of the hours listed above, you should request a building permit.  This is your one and only chance to request a building permit for the 2016-17 academic year.

iSchool and UW Student Conduct Policies

All students are responsible for being aware of the UW and iSchool policies and procedures to which they must adhere:

The iSchool has a reputation as a place where we develop information leaders who are sought after by top professionals in the information field. This reputation depends upon the consistently professional behavior and high quality work of our students and graduates. We expect you to be part of this positive community by maintaining the highest standard of professional conduct possible in all of your interactions with university staff, employers, recruiters, and your fellow students across campus. We expect students to conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism at all times. When faculty or staff representing the university explain policies or procedures to you, we expect that you will behave professionally, politely, and graciously, that you will follow instructions and requests of staff, and that you will abide by university policies not just at the iSchool but elsewhere on campus.

iSchool Communications

Keeping You Informed

As a reminder, our primary mode of communication to iSchool Students regarding academic issues is by email to your UW email account. It is your responsibility to be aware of the information we send to your official UW email address.

In addition to email, Student Services uses a number of other communication media to manage the various types of announcements we are asked to forward to students. Announcements about UW activities, professional events or other opportunities for students that aren’t directly related to your academic program are posted on the Student Services blog. In addition to the blog, we also have several social media accounts.

Here are the links:

Emails for Advising Questions

Have quick advising question?  Send it to one of our advising emails.

PhD        Program Staff: Kili or Jason                           Advising Email:
MLIS      Program Staff: Kili or Marie                          Advising Email:
MSIM    Program Staff: Lovely or Jason                    Advising Email:
INFO      Program Staff: Lovely, Dowell or Tori       Advising Email:
Career  Career Staff: Cameron, Alycia or Dean     Advising Email:

Student Representation

There are a number of ways that your fellow students represent you within the iSchool and the greater UW.  Below is a list of student representation on various committees.

Student Leadership Council

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is a group of student leaders who serve as an advisory committee to the Dean and other administrators of the iSchool.  In addition, this group selects student representatives for several iSchool committees as well as allocates funding to iSchool student organizations. This year’s council members are:

The 2016-17 Student Leadership Council
Amber Schmugge            ALISS Co-President
Andy Herman                    AIMS Vice President
Paige Sundstrom              ALISS Co-President
Amanda Cummings         AIMS President
Rutvi Patel                          IUGA Vice President
Ada Kim                               DSA Representative
Ben Leeds                           IUGA Director of Finance

Program Committee Student Representatives

Each iSchool degree has a program committee that oversees the curriculum, admissions and policies of the program.  These committees are led by the program chair and comprised of faculty members, the program adviser and students.

  • INFO Program Committee: Jonathan Li, Brittan Hoy, Isabella Spaletta, Brad Holland and Rutvi Patel
  • MLIS Program Committee: Kathleen Sullivan and Leili Slutz
  • MSIM Program Committee: Lauren Ambrose and Louis Spinelli
  • PhD Program Committee: Mike Katell

Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS)

iSchool graduate students also have representation on the GPSS This is a university-side student government body that addresses the issues of graduate students across the campus. The iSchool generally has student representatives from the MLIS and MSIM program attend these meetings

  • MLIS GPSS representatives: Andrew Wagster and Josh Smith
  • MSIM GPSS representative: TBD

Student Representation on iSchool Facilities Committee

The iSchool will be launching a planning period for a new iSchool space that will bring all aspects of the school in one building. This is an exciting project and the planners would like to get input from all aspects of the iSchool, including students. It is a multi-year project and the ideal student committee members would be able to serve on the committee for more than one year.  If you are interested in participating in the facilities committee and working on the new iSchool space contact Mary Clark at  Committee meetings will get underway sometime in mid- to late-autumn quarter.

Conference Travel Funding

Presenting at a Professional Conference?

The iSchool has funding available to help subsidize the cost for MLIS, MSIM and INFO students presenting at a conference.  These funds are requested through your academic adviser.  More information is available on the iSchool website at

PhD Students: you can find more information on funding for conferences at

iCareers: Academic and Career Advising Appointments, Events and Career Support

Current students should become avid users of iCareers, which allows you to do the following:

  • Schedule one-on-one advising appointments with iSchool academic and career advisors.  Directions for making appointments via iCareers are outlined at
  • View and sign-up for upcoming workshops and events for current students.   To view an event just log into iCareers, click on “upcoming workshops” in the shortcuts menu on the right side of the home screen, and choose the event in which you wish to RSVP.
  • Explore the career support aspects of iCareers.  You can look for jobs, internships, and Capstone opportunities, upload your resume, and sign up for experiential learning opportunities.
  • Recruitment policies: iSchool-sponsored career events and on-campus interviews are privileges that carry certain expectations for your conduct. All iSchool students accessing iCareers resources and career events are held to a set of standards found at

Autumn Quarter Conversations with the Dean

Each quarter Dean Harry Bruce holds informal meetings with small groups of iSchool students. These meetings are a chance for students to talk with the Dean about their experiences at the iSchool and the UW. There are two Conversations with the Dean scheduled for autumn quarter. Lunch is provided.

  • Thursday, October 27, 12:30 – 2:00 pm
  • Wednesday, November 30, 12:30 – 2:00 pm

Space is limited for both events. If you’d like to participate, send an RSVP to Cameron Seib ( Space is allocated on a first come, first serve basis.  We asked that students attend only one Conversation with the Dean per academic year.

Fall Quarter Study Break

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 26th for the Student Services Halloween Study Break.  Details to come!



iSchool Career Newsletter, 5/11/2016

Career Newsletter Picture

5 Simple Networking Tips

Whenever I talk with students, colleagues, friends or acquaintances and the topic of networking comes up, I always hear about how much they dislike networking. Honestly, have you ever met anyone that says they like networking? I know these people exist, but I just haven’t met one yet.

Networking takes work, is often times awkward, and on a rare occasion, it can be fun. I am often asked how to become a great networker. Here are a few strategies that anyone can employ to help them become a better networker. Continue reading

iSchool Career Newsletter, 4/28/2016

Career Newsletter

Negotiating an Offer and Asking for More Time

The job search process can be one filled with emotional ups and downs. Last week, Alycia put together a post on staying motivated in the job search. This week I want to focus on negotiation. With the excitement of finally receiving a job, internship, or DFW offer, it can be very tempting to accept the offer on the spot. Emotions aside, it’s best practice to take a moment to consider all the factors before officially accepting an offer. Take some time to consider negotiating, whether it’s pay, relocation, start date, vacation time, or other parts of your employment agreement.   Continue reading

iSchool Career Newsletter, 4/21/2016

Career Newsletter

Finding Job Searching Motivation at the End of the Year

Now that we are getting to the close of the school year, I know that there are a few people that are still looking to find a job by graduation. One thing that hasn’t changed since the beginning of the year is that job searching takes work. For some people, it only takes one try and two weeks, but for others, finding a job can take multiple interviews and months of applying and interviewing. One myth that students often think is that there will not be any more openings this year. This is a false assumption. Job and internships might not be posted at the same frequency as in Fall or Winter, but there will continue to be new openings posted into the summer. You just need to stay diligent about checking for openings. This time of year motivating yourself to get started or continue on with your search process can be difficult. Here are few techniques you can use to be positive and ready to find that next position to apply to. Continue reading

iSchool Career Newsletter, 4/6/2016

Career Newsletter Picture

Preparing for Career Fairs

While spring may not seem as busy as fall and winter when it comes to employer recruitment, there are still a number of events coming up. Just around the corner are 4 career fairs which will bring more employers looking to hire for full-time, intern, DFW, and volunteer positions. Mark your calendars!

Startup Career Fair: April 8th, 3:00-5:00 PM, 1100 NE Campus Parkway, 98105

Roughly 30 fully established and vetted startups will be attending this fair. Make sure to RSVP at the link above (it’s free) and show up early! They already have 2,000 RSVP’s and counting.

UW Tacoma All-Industries Fair: April 13th, 11:30-2:00, Williams Philip Hall- UW Tacoma

A small-ish fair and chance to meet with about 25 companies representing all industries. This fair is free to all students (yes- that includes UW Seattle).

2016 Spring Career Fair: April 14th, 3:00-7:00 PM, HUB Ballrooms

One of the largest fairs on campus, the UW Spring Fair will have employers from all industries looking to hire for a variety of positions (internships/DFW’s too). 120-140 employers are normally in attendance. Be on the lookout for the employers who are hiring technical roles, there should be a lot, but you’ll have to weed through those who are hiring sales/marketing roles.

UW Tacoma Technology Fair: April 15th, 11:30-2:00

Similar to the Tacoma fair listed above, this will be another small fair but focused on tech hiring. Currently there are 10 employers signed up for the fair which could allow for a less crowded and more personable atmosphere. This is also free and open to all UW students.

How can you get prepared?

  1. Do your research: You’ll have a better time at fairs if you do a bit of research ahead of time on the employers that are coming and what they’re hiring for. Spend a few hours going over the list of employers, learning about them, visit their careers pages, look to see if they have postings in HuskyJobs, iCareers, and prioritize who you want to make sure you visit at the fair.
  2. Prepare your elevator pitch. Watch and listen to Don’t Be Awkward to get information on creating the perfect pitch and introductions that you can use when you meet people at the career fair!
  3. Prepare your resumes. You’ll want to tailor your resume as much as possible for the roles that interest you. Prepare several versions of your resume that you can hand out depending on which employers you’re visiting, so that you are still marketing yourself for each position type that is of interest to you. Consider adding an objective statement that specifically states an employer’s name you plan to visit. Put your tailored resumes in folders or use sticky notes so that you know which one to give to each company you visit.

Remember to collect contact information and follow up afterwards with the recruiters and companies that seem like a best fit for you!

Looking for even more ways to prepare? Watch this recording of Career Adviser Alycia McKenzie on Navigating a Career Fair.

-Dean Kirkpatrick



Academic: Informatics Application Opens April 15!

The Informatics application for the 2016-2017 academic year opens on April 15! Planning to apply? Don’t miss out on these writing workshops, where we’ll help you fine-tune your application essays!

Plan to bring drafts of your application essays to these workshops for review. You can find this year’s essay prompts at Please note that the prompts have changed slightly from last year’s application. Continue reading