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Hello iSchoolers!

Official iSchool-branded business cards are here. Visit to start browsing templates, customize your business card, and place an order. Access to iSchool-branded templates is a one-time, $6 fee that directly funds ASIS&T UW. By purchasing your business cards through ASIS&T, you not only set yourself up for success at job fairs, but also support other ASIS&T professional development events (like the ASIS&T Speaker Series – come see Isaac Pattis speak this upcoming Monday in Bloedel!). Support your student orgs and look sharp doing it.

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iSchool Business Cards, or a Cautionary Tale of Discomfort and Regret

Guest blog/commentary submitted by Courtney Leach, MLIS/MPA 2011

Hello mighty iSchool students,

I want to come clean.  I had the opportunity to purchase iSchool business cards last year… and I didn’t. 

I thought, hey, come on, I’m a student.  I don’t really need business cards, especially my first year.  I’ll just wait and see how it goes, and maybe get them next year.  I was wrong.  Since making that decision, I’ve had MANY situations arise where I could have really used a business card but, awkwardly, was empty handed.  Let me highlight the awkwardness.  Such sad, cringe-worthy incidents include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Last year’s career fair.  There I was, chatting with amazing people from KCLS, Corbis, Serials Solutions, Pacific NW College of Art, ASRC (who handle amazing government contracts).  Um, I now have their cards, but they don’t have mine.
  • Roundtable with former Gates Fnd. Libraries for the World Director Teresa Peters.  I want to be this woman when I grow up.  I could have introduced myself, given her my card, and could currently be helping her out at Kickstand Consulting.  This didn’t happen.  It’s going to be much harder to introduce myself now.
  • iEdge 2009.  Kelli Smith was doing some amazing work for Blowfish Creative on emotional responses to images and possible applications to information system design.  Sigh…
  • InfoCamp 2009.  Professionals.  Fascinating professionals.  In all fields.  Everywhere.  I was unarmed.  No cards.
  • ASIS+T annual meeting, 2009.  Seriously, I was the only student there without a card.  I have a stack of cards belonging to amazing people I want to keep in touch with, who could potentially hire me, who I can call on with future problems/questions in my professional life.  They don’t have mine!
  • Jenna Hartel, ASIS+T annual meeting.  I’ve read a ton of her work, and actually chatted with her about my 510 project.  Funny thing is she was REALLY EXCITED about it, and wants to read our paper.  If I could have given her a card, it’s likely she would look at it later and remember me.  I could have left an information artifact.  But no.

Heed my tale of woe.  Learn from my mistake!  Approach neat people with professionalism and confidence.  Without a card, you’ll end up feeling sheepish like me.  It’s not fun.

Good news is, the window to get your official iSchool business card is now open.  But it will close at 5pm on November 30th.
Just direct yourself to
$30 gets you 250 moments of legitimacy.

Go forth and be awesome,

Cortney Leach
MLIS/MPA Candidate, 2011
The Information School & Evans School of Public Affairs
ASIS&T UW Director of Finance
University of Washington