Events: Mediating Difference: Sights and Sounds 4/8


Please join us for the CCDE’s second annual conference entitled “Mediating Difference: Sights and Sounds” this Friday, April 8th. 9:00 – Noon at the Intellectual House.

Keynote speakers are:

10-10:50 am

  • Deborah Wong (Music, University of California, Riverside): “Sound, Difference, and Audibility.” Listening acts focused on police violence radically disrupt the ethnographic impulse toward collecting, taking, owning, and having, and thus offer a way to decolonize ethnography and ethnomusicology. How might we shift our listening to silence, the inaudible, or the resentful refusal to speak? How has sound studies both opened up attention to difference and fallen prey to universalizing theoretical moves?

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