iSchool Career Center Newsletter 5/13/14


May 13, 2014 Career Newsletter

Professionalism is Everywhere

Whether you’re in the grocery store, the Student Services office, in line at DisneyLand, or in the office of a major company, how you conduct yourself and the impression you give makes a difference. Professionalism does not begin and end with your job or interview. Professional conduct takes place in ALL settings.

In a recent survey by York College, 49% of employers stated that less than half of new employees exhibit professionalism in their first year.  Furthermore, over 50% reported an increase in IT etiquette problems.  The criteria for professionalism included interpersonal skills and civility. The criteria for lack of professionalism included a sense of entitlement and even being “disrespectful and rude.”

Why is this survey data important for iSchool students? Because your actions in university transfer to the working world. The sooner you begin exercising professionalism in all conduct, the more prepared you will be to enter the workplace and the more your good reputation will follow you around. And remember…

You’re always networking. Your actions in and outside the classroom or workplace determine how others speak about you.  This is especially true when it comes to references, recommendations, and job networking.  Even though it may not seem like it at the time, making a good impression in even the most informal situations can lead you to greater opportunities down the road. You never know who can help you, who is observing or evaluating your behavior! Continue reading