Career: What’s on tap for your Career Services in Winter Quarter?

There is a lot happening with iSchool career events in the next few months. Be sure you don’t miss any of the activity!

Career Advising

We are still in the process of hiring a new Career Services Adviser, and eventually an Asst. Director for Career Services.  However, you can still see someone for advising on you career-related questions.

Laura Schildkraut will be available for advising appointments beginning next week (January 12th).  Her appointments will be both in person and virtual, and you will be able to schedule them via iCareers.  We’re still in the process of setting up her access to iCareers, so it will be a few days before you can schedule appointments with her.

For those of you who don’t know Laura, she’s a lecturer for the iSchool and has taught INFO courses on Professionalism and on Women in Technology.  In addition, she’s taught courses in the Foster school and produced a television show on helping students understand various career paths.  Laura will be a great resource for iSchool students, so please take advantage of her expertise!

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