Registration: Research Group Winter 2020 – Children's Digital media and Technologies Design Toolkit, Dec 12

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Registration: Research Group Winter 2020 – Children’s Digital media and Technologies Design Toolkit

Led by Ph.D. student Saba Kawas and Professor Julie Kientz

Deadline: Form due by December 12, 2019

Meeting Time: Monday From 10 am–12 pm
Registration: Research Group Course Credit: 2-4 CR/NC
Application Deadline: 12/12/2019
Decisions: 12/13/2019

Research Group Overview

The research group is looking for a few students who are interested in applied research to help inform the UX design process of interactive technologies for children. In this DRG, we will prototype and evaluate design toolkits that translate academic research findings into actionable insights that can be easily used by UX designers in the industry. The goal is to come up with toolkit designs with content presented in an easily-digestible format such as a set of cards or an online resource library. We are also planning to run co-design sessions with professional UX designers to design, create, and evaluate several Children’s Digital Design Toolkit examples.

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Employment: East Asia Library, Library Student Assistant

Employment: East Asia Library, Library Student Assistant

Interested in Chinese study librarianship or working in the East Asian Library? Is recording oral history and digitizing it something that speaks to you? If you, you should consider this position. The Chinese study librarian at the UW’s East Asia Library is looking to recruit Chinese-speaking graduate student assistants to help with an oral history project.

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Internship: Seattle Art Museum Digital Collection Intern, Aug 1

Internship: Digital Collection Intern

Deadline: Applications due online on August 1, 2019

Fall Quarter 2019
Title: Digital Collection Intern – unpaid
Department/Location: Bullitt Library, Seattle Art Museum
Staff Mentor: Senior Librarian

Learning Objectives: The intern will develop and create a digital collection derived from the brochures/checklists of the Northwest Annual Exhibitions held at SAM and its predecessor organizations from 1914-1976. The intern will perform an environmental scan on digital collections that are similar in theme or subject matter to the collection we plan to undertake and make recommendations for best practices. The intern will scan, research, and provide metadata on each digital asset and, if necessary, help determine permissions and fair use status for works in the collection. The intern will work with library staff to upload and create an online exhibit around this collection on the Library’s site. At the project’s end, the intern is offered the opportunity to create a blog post publicizing the collection. Continue reading

Webinar: CollectionBuilder – Creating and Teaching Digital Collections with Minimal Infrastructure, May 23

CollectionBuilder: Creating and Teaching Digital Collections with Minimal Infrastructure

May 23, 2019
1:00 PM-2:00 PM EDT

CollectionBuilder is an open source project for building digital collection and exhibit websites driven by metadata, hosted on lightweight infrastructure, and powered by modern static web technology. Developed by the University of Idaho Library to provide a viable alternative to bloated infrastructure systems, CollectionBuilder aims to lower the barriers for development and deployment of digital collection sites, while upholding the unique values and perspectives of GLAM institutions. Continue reading

Ed Mignon Distinguished Lecture: ANTISOCIAL MEDIA – How Facebook Disconnects People and Undermines Democracy, May 16

ANTISOCIAL MEDIA – How Facebook Disconnects People and Undermines Democracy

Thursday May 16, 2019
Ethnic and Cultural Center, 3931 Brooklyn Ave. NE
4:30-5:30 pm Lecture
5:30-6:30 pm Reception

If you wanted to build a machine that would distribute propaganda to millions of people, distract them from important issues, energize hatred and bigotry, erode social trust, undermine respectable journalism, foster doubts about science, and engage in massive surveillance all at once, you would make something a lot like Facebook. Continue reading

Hiring: Open Access & Digital Scholarship Specialist at UW Tacoma Library, Apr 8

UW Tacoma Library is hiring an Open Access & Digital Scholarship Specialist

Deadline: Applications are due by April 8, 2019

Is distributing scholarly work to the broader, non-academic community important to you? Do you believe in the vital nature of open access publishing? Are you looking for paid, practical experience working in an academic library? If so, you should apply to become UW Tacoma’s Open Access & Digital Scholarship Specialist! Continue reading