iSchool Career Center Newsletter 4/14/14

career-services-graphicApril 14, 2014 Career Newsletter

Career Tips

Emailing for Career Information

Shy about networking? Emailing or messaging to build your relationships with contacts is an easy way to build connections and less threatening (if you’re shy!) than starting out by networking in person. Here are some tips on writing a great networking email that can lead to help with your job/internship search.

  • Always include a reference to how you found the person.  If you were referred by a mutual friend, say something like, “My colleague in school, Alex Chen, suggested I write to you.”   If you have met the person already at a networking or other event, follow up with “I enjoyed meeting you at yesterday’s breakfast meeting and talking with you about Sacramento Libraries.”  Providing some detail about how you came to know the person will help your email feel less “spammy.”
  • Don’t ask for a job. Do ask for advice and contacts. For example, “Greg Hay recommended I reach out to you, and thought you might be willing to share your expertise on careers in information security. I’m going to be looking at internships for this summer, and would be interested in any advice you have as I move forward with that.”
  • Share useful / helpful information with contacts. Share a link to an article that you found interesting that might be relevant to them, or an event that is happening in the community or on campus that the person might benefit from, or mention key points from a recent lecture or guest speaker. Say something like “We just had a great lecture in my web development class about the pluses/minuses of using _____technology, and I found it really interesting. It would be great to get your perspective on that as well.” A statement like this prompts someone’s interest in what you’re learning, could share information that they find useful, and also lets them know you’re interested in learning more.

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UW Email for Students Ends June 30

UW Email for Students Ends June 30: Choose a New Provider
Students who use UW Email (Web Alpine) need to choose a new email service (UW Windows Live, UW Google Apps, or a third-party service) before June 30, 2011. See Moving Off UW Email for details and exceptions, steps you need to take now, and FAQs.

 See the UW IT newsletter for more information: