ECF Tip #11: The Follow-up


Now that you’ve made some great connections at the Employer Connections Fair, don’t forget to follow-up with them. If you had a promising conversation with a recruiter or are really interested in a specific job, send them a concise thank you note. The note should be free of errors, restate your qualifications for the position, and your interest in an interview. It should also reference specific parts of your conversation– this helps to show you were actively listening and that the note is not a generic thank-you message. Follow-up messages should be sent within 24-48 hours of the fair.

If the employer requested that you send supplemental materials, send those along with the note. Some employers may ask you to apply for a job online. If so, make sure you submit that application within 24 hours and follow up with the employer to let them know you have done so.

ECF Tip #10: Know What Your Schedule Looks Like


Employers attend the iSchool Employer Connections Fair because they want to recruit students to their jobs, internships, DFWs, and volunteer positions. Some recruiters may ask you to sign up for an interview on the spot. Make sure you know what your schedule is like the next few days. If you commit to an interview, write it down! You don’t want to forget about it or accidentally double-book an interview for the same time.

It is also possible you may get a call later that evening or even a few weeks down the road from that employer. Make notes to yourself of which companies you engaged with. Try to grab business cards from each employer to help you recollect your memory.

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