Employment: Education & Enrichment Librarian, Spokane County Library District, Nov 8

Employment: Education & Enrichment Librarian, Spokane County Library District

Deadline: Applications due by November 8, 2019 at 12:00 PM, PST.

Are you an enthusiastic Librarian who is passionate about serving youth? If so, consider apply to this position! The Spokane County Library District is looking for someone to bring their uniqueness and skills to the librarian role in serving their diverse customers of all ages – from babies to senior citizens.

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Employment: AI Now – Postdoctoral Researchers, Nov 19

Employment: AI Now – Postdoctoral Researchers

Deadline: Applications due November 19, 2019

AI Now is hiring 1-2 postdoctoral researchers whose work resonates with the Institute’s mission. They are looking for applications across a range of interests and disciplines. This two-year position is an ideal opportunity for scholars engaging with the social implications of AI and related technologies, who want to be part of this growing research community.

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Employment: East Asia Library, Library Student Assistant

Employment: East Asia Library, Library Student Assistant

Interested in Chinese study librarianship or working in the East Asian Library? Is recording oral history and digitizing it something that speaks to you? If you, you should consider this position. The Chinese study librarian at the UW’s East Asia Library is looking to recruit Chinese-speaking graduate student assistants to help with an oral history project.

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Employment: Harborview Medical Center, EthnoMed Database Database Content Migration Assistant, Oct 11

Employment: Harborview Medical Center, EthnoMed Database Database Content Migration Assistant

Deadline: Applications due by October 11, 2019

The folks at Harborview are migrating their EthnoMed database and are looking for a couple of interested MLIS students. A joint program of Harborview Medical Center and the UW Health Sciences Libraries, the EthnoMed website was created in 1994 by clinicians and librarians to meet information needs of Harborview care providers and their refugee and immigrant patients who come from ethnic communities relying heavily on Harborview for their care. The program operates out of Harborview’s Interpreter Services Department with technical, server and systems support from UW Health Sciences Library. This is a 12-week, paid position. Continue reading

Employment: Northwest Educational Services, Multiple Positions

Employment: Northwest Educational Services, Multiple Positions

Northwest Educational Services is hiring for full-time and part-time positions.
The ideal candidate can cover a wide variety of academic content, support standardized test-prep, teach study skills, and help students with organization and time management, but they are open to anyone with expertise in any academic domain. Continue reading