Call for Papers: Access to information – Freedom and Censorship, May 31

Call for Papers: Access to information – Freedom and Censorship

The deadline to submit abstracts is 31 May 2019.

The deadline to submit full papers is 31 October 2019.

Open Information Science Journal invites submissions for a special issue dedicated to scholarship on the broad theme of Access to Information—Freedom and Censorship. Library and information science scholars and practitioners around the world are encouraged to submit a paper on this theme.

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Events: UW Philosophers Talk about the Migration Crisis


UW Philosophers Talk about the Migration Crisis

When?  Wednesdays at Noon (specific dates below)
Where?  Gather round the Big Table outside of the Philosophy Office in Savery Hall 361

  • October 14: Human Rights (Bill Talbott)
    What does it mean to have a human right to asylum?  What is that a right to?  What should the U.S. be doing to secure that right for asylum seekers from the Middle East?
  • October 21: Justice (Michael Blake)
    Is it always unjust for a country to keep out those who would prefer to enter that country? Are there some people who have special rights to enter?  How should we identify those people?
  • October 28: Compassion (Colin Marshall)
    Can we really feel compassion for the millions of refugees? If so, should we?
  • November 4: Religion (Michael Rosenthal)
    Is religion or culture relevant to our decisions about helping refugees or our immigration policy?
  • November 18: Climate (Lauren Hartzell-Nichols & Alex Lenferna)
    How is climate justice relevant for immigration policy and considerations of responsibility to help refugees?
  • December 2: Health (Sara Goering & Carina Fourie)
    What kind of access to health care and public health do we owe undocumented migrants, asylum seekers and refugees?

Each session will begin with a brief, 15-20 minute presentation and then will continue with discussion.  Our goal is to stimulate conversation about this important topic.  Everyone in the UW community—students, faculty, and staff—are invited to attend.  The only prerequisite is that you come willing to listen and discuss with respect.  For more information, check our website ( or send an e-mail message to

Events: Engineering lecture series focuses on privacy in the age of smart technology


Engineering lecture series focuses on privacy in the age of smart technology

In the age of “smart” technology, the devices we use ­— from phones that enable banking and shopping to personal robots and driverless cars — will leave a trail sharing who we are, where we go and what we consume.

Over the next month, the University of Washington College of Engineering’s fall lecture series will feature faculty researchers balancing technological advances with the myriad hazards, seen and unseen, of our ever-more-connected world. The lectures are free and open to the public, but seating is limited and advance registration is required. Continue reading

Event: Husky Spring Training Leadership Conference – April 5


The 2nd annual Husky Spring Training Leadership Conference is taking place on Saturday, April 5 !  Husky Spring Training is an annual campus-wide conference for UW students to build their leadership skills and connect with other students interested in exploring the concept of leadership.  Through interactive and engaging workshop sessions, students will hone the leadership skills they need to lead in a variety of organizations and settings.

Reserve your spot TODAY for Husky Spring Training!
FREE light breakfast and lunch provided
Keynote Address from Howard Behar, President Starbucks International (retired)
Program sessions designed for you (the student leader) to gain valuable skills, insight,
and experience in the following key areas:


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Conference: Ethical Considerations in Research Collaborations

The UW is host to a conference on the ethical conduct of research conducted in collaboration with industry, and in international, multi-cultural and interdisciplinary settings. Graduate students may apply for full scholarships to cover the cost of registration and may also submit abstracts that will be included in conference proceedings.

With internationally recognized presenters, the conference will provide graduate students with a strong foundation for building their research careers. The conference is in Meany Hall on the UW campus on September 22 and 23, 2011.

More information: Ethical Considerations in Research Collaborations

UW Ethics Prize for Graduate Students

Apply by Feb 1, 2011

The Program on Values in Society at the University of Washington offers an annual grant of $750 for graduate students seeking to introduce serious consideration of normative ethics into their descriptive academic work. The goal of these grants is to encourage interdisciplinary discussion of ethics as an aspect of empirical research. Priority will be given to doctoral students writing a dissertation in the social or natural sciences; other graduate students are also welcome to apply. 

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