Events: International Threats 4/3/19 (Cybersecurity and Technology Futures series)

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Join us on Wednesday, April 3rd from 3:00-4:30 pm Petersen Room, Allen Library, 4th Floor, Room 485 for the fourth event of the series, International Threats!

Join us for engaging discussions with leaders from business, government, and academia on the latest developments in cybersecurity and technology, including privacy, systemic risk, artificial intelligence, international threats, state and homeland security, and crisis management and informatics.  Enjoy an opportunity to network with speakers and colleagues at the conclusion of each lecture. All are welcome!

Course Announcement – Applied Research Practicum on Digital Learning for International Studies

The Jackson School is offering graduate students and advanced undergraduates an exciting applied research course building an online interactive news resource in the Jackson School. Students across disciplines are encouraged to apply, especially from computer programming, design, education, international affairs, journalism, digital media, and technology related fields.

SIS 590 meeting time will be arranged based on student schedules. Students can expect to do 8-9 hours of independent work outside of class a week. A great resume addition!

The full description is below:

SIS 590E: Task Force in International Affairs
Schedule: TBA
Credits: 3

Students enrolled in this class will develop the infrastructure, content, and theoretical foundation of a new online resource geared to enhance undergraduate learning across the Curriculum. This task force will build a Jackson School-wide website, a web-portal for critical consumption of international news titled Knowledge Network of World Events and News (KNOW). KNOW will be an online learning portal for participatory learning and global engagement. The site will create critical consumers of information, provide needed information resources, and serve as a model of affinity-based learning. KNOW also aims to create a communications model for addressing the gap created by the crisis of traditional media.

The website is a technological challenge in that it will support continually uploaded dynamic data generated and submitted by students and faculty. Students will generate content about world events, political economy, and politics as defined by the pedagogical goals of the Jackson School.

Students in the task force will be able to add to their applied research portfolios by trying their hands at developing interactive websites, researching and building online communities, improving international news coverage, researching user communities, and enhancing students’ critical thinking through web-based tools.

Students from computer programming, design, education, international affairs, journalism, digital media, and technology related fields across disciplines are encouraged to enroll.

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact Jessica Beyer at jlbeyer@u… with a paragraph about why you are interested.