Notice: Changes to Building Hours of Mary Gates Hall

Mary-Gates-Hall-03The Mary Gates Hall building staff has been wrestling in past months with tension surrounding wanting to keep Mary Gates Hall a welcoming place for students and visitors and wanting to be good stewards of the building, ensuring it is a safe environment for students and tenants. In the past couple of months, there have been several troubling occurrences in the building that have caused the administration to take more steps towards ensuring safety of occupants and protection of property.

A new building schedule was instituted March 1. In looking at the schedule below, note the following:

  • When it says “Ext Doors” it means all of the exterior doors of Mary Gates except for the north doors. They will have a separate schedule as noted.
  • In all cases, if you are a tenant of the building with CAAMS access, you will be able to get into the building 24/7.
  • MGH building staff will be developing signage to put on the various doors to point people to where the north doors are.

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