First Meeting: Librarians Organizing for Racial Equity (LORE), Feb 19

First Meeting: Librarians Organizing for Racial Equity (LORE)

Wednesday, February 19
7:00 PM, PT
Location TBD, Zoom Access Available

Librarians Organizing for Racial Equity (LORE) is a new group for UW MLIS students, formed with the goal of racial equity education in a profession that is overwhelmingly white. Through growing pains and discomfort, LORE aims to become more competent in understanding the extra burdens that library staff of color have to deal with in institutional racism in libraries as well as academia. LORE strives to collaborate on the future of equitable librarianship.

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Event: ALISS Book Sale

ALISS is hosting its annual book sale on Red Square again! This year, the

University Bookstore has generously donated a pallet or two of good reads

for our sale. Don’t forget to come by and pick up some good bargain reads!


DATE: *October 19-20*, 2011 (next Wednesday and Thursday)

TIME: *9 am – 5 pm*

LOCATION: *UW Red Square*

PAYMENT: cash or check


Would you like to volunteer? Sign up here:


Facebook event page: