Event: First Cloud Day @ UW, Nov. 12


Are you overwhelmed managing technology? Do you need help with research? Come to Cloud Day @ UW and find out how cloud-based products from Amazon, Microsoft, and Google can help solve technology issues and take your research to the next level.

All University of Washington faculty, staff and students are cordially invited to this free HUB event on November 12 hosted by UW-IT and the UW eScience Institute. Learn from leading vendors, faculty, and researchers how cloud-based products are used at the UW. You’ll have over 20 presentations to choose from, including the keynote address from Bruce Vincent, Chief IT Architect and Technology Strategist at Stanford University. Reserve your spot here!

Notice: SpaceScout Poetry Contest

spacescoutLove SpaceScout? Send it a poem!

UW-IT is holding its first ever poetry contest! Sharpen your pencil, summon your muse, let SpaceScout, the app that helps you find the perfect study space, be your inspiration!


  • Poems must be about SpaceScout–your experience using the app, a favorite campus space in the app, a feature of the app you love, etc.
  • Poems must be a limerick, Haiku, or other short form
  • Contest is open to all UW students, faculty, and staff (UW-IT ACA professional staff are not eligible)
  • Entries must be posted to the UW-IT Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/huskybytes
  • DEADLINE: Sunday, October 18, 11:00pm
  • Winners will be notified on October 30th
  • Winning authors must agree to have their poems used in UW-IT marketing (posters, ads)

Not familiar with SpaceScout? Check it out on your browser or smartphone, and find the perfect place to study! SpaceScout.uw.edu

Questions? Contact help@uw.edu.

Notice: UW-IT would like your help in user studies


UW-IT is currently undertaking various efforts to improve student experiences. Recent efforts include MyUW, SpaceScout, and UW Event Calendar. Beginning in Autumn 2013, we will be conducting multiple user research studies in order to better understand the experience of students and their information needs.

If you are interested, please sign up or learn more at depts.washington.edu/ux/teamup.  By completing this survey, you agree to be recruited for user research studies for the purpose described above. Students who are selected and participate in the studies will be compensated.

UW Email for Students Ends June 30

UW Email for Students Ends June 30: Choose a New Provider
Students who use UW Email (Web Alpine) need to choose a new email service (UW Windows Live, UW Google Apps, or a third-party service) before June 30, 2011. See Moving Off UW Email for details and exceptions, steps you need to take now, and FAQs.

 See the UW IT newsletter for more information:

eScience Open Mic: Central Support for Research Computing: Hyak, lolo, and other skookum topics

Date: March 01, 2011 | 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Location: Electrical Engineering 303, University of Washington, Seattle Campus Pizza and drinks will be provided

Over the last year the eScience Institute has partnered with UW-IT and several departments and colleges to create a suite of  services devoted to the support of research computing at UW.  Chance Reschke from the UW eScience Institute will lead a discussion of these offerings, including how they can help you avoid the hassle of building and managing your own systems while improving performance, enhancing functionality, and reducing costs.  The systems to be discussed include:

Hyak    A scalable cluster compute platform for calculation and data analysis
lolo       A scalable storage service for collaboration and archives

This is your chance to let us hear about your experiences and wish lists.

Read more at:

Important Changes to UW Email Services

Received from UW Information Technology: 

Students will need to move from UW-hosted email to email services hosted elsewhere (e.g., to UW Windows Live or UW Google Apps).  UW Information Technology (UW-IT) has successfully offered these vendor-hosted services to students since September 2009, and no longer has the resources to run and maintain email servers for students, and the Student Technology Fee Committee is no longer funding this hardware.


Effective July 1, 2010: New UW Email (deskmail) accounts are no longer being activated for UW students who have only a student affiliation with the UW. Any new or prospective student setting up their email services on the Manage UW NetID page does not see “UW Email Inbox” as an option to select as of July 1, 2010. And if a current UW student has not activated a UW NetID Email Inbox before July 1, 2010, they no longer see that option either.

By June 30, 2011: All UW students will use UW-affiliated cloud services or a third-party vendor of their choice for email.

  • UW Students using UW Email (deskmail) will be asked to sign up for either UW Windows Live or UW Google Apps for email, or forward their email to the email service of their choice by using the “Change UW Email Forwarding” link on the Manage UW NetID page.
  • UW Student With Other UW Affiliations: Students who also have other UW affiliations (including student staff), will continue to be eligible for the UW Email service through their other UW affiliations. The student can decide whether to move their email to another service or to continue using UW Email. [NOTE: If the student loses their staff affiliation, their UW Email service will expire. They will then need to move their email to UW Windows Live or UW Google Apps, or forward their email to the email service of their choice by using the “Change UW Email Forwarding” link on the Manage UW NetID page.]

Please note that students need not wait to sign up with for UW Windows Live or UW Google Apps for email, or to forward their UW Email to the vendor of their choice. See “Moving Off UW Email” at:
https://www.washington.edu/itconnect/email/student_decom.html for details on choices as well as instructions and FAQs.

This effort affects students using UW Email Services (such as Web Alpine, which is the replacement for WebPine that is being turned off July 28, 2010) or any other email program connecting to the UW Email (deskmail) servers. Furthermore, students will no longer have access to additional tools to filter email messages, such as the Email Delivery Manager (EDM), after June 30, 2011.